5 reasons to go to Dreamhack ATX 2018!

5 reasons to go to Dreamhack ATX 2018!


Hey Nerds! It’s ya boy Brandon with Super Happy Nerd Time (yes, that just happened), and I am so excited to tell you what I am looking forward to at this year’s DreamHack Austin! Unlike some other conventions, DreamHack separates itself by creating an experience not just gamers, but business folks, artists, up and coming developers and much more! Make sure to head over to www.dreamhack.com/austin to get your tickets and check the schedule.

Without further ado (drum roll), here are my top 5 most anticipated events for this year’s DreamHack Austin!

5. EXPO!

DreamHack Austin is going to have an expo featuring amazing brands such as MSI, UpliftMonster Energy, and Performance PCs! Basically, if you have any slight interest in Computers, gaming, E-sports, or Art you can find it all at the Expo.

4. MC and MMA keynote

If you’re not familiar with the infamous MMA and MC professional gamers prepare for an awesome keynote! MC and MMA are both professional Starcraft players that have defeated the best in the world and became champions. Also, both MC and MMA are from South Korea and used gaming to overcome some serious tragedy's in their lives. Do you want to be inspired by some of the best gamers in the world? Check out MC and MMA Sunday at 4:30pm CST.


3. LAN Time

If there’s one thing Dreamhack is known for it’s the MASSIVE LAN setup. Once you walk into DreamHack Austin you will see a sea of beautiful computers just waiting to enable some gaming pwnage. Other conventions may have a few games set up here and there, but DreamHack’s LAN will absolutely blow you away.

2. E-SPORTS!!!

With E-Sports rapidly growing and becoming as big as football, basketball, and baseball this is an amazing chance to see some of the best players in the world… LIVE! Throughout the weekend there will be multiple tournaments going on featuring the best gamers in the world showing off their skills. DreamHack 2018 includes CS:GO, PUBG, Starcraft II, Hearthstone, and Rainbow Six: Seige tournaments with winners getting prizes ranging from $15,000-100,000!!! Who doesn’t want to see this?

1.) Dr DisRespect and Shroud

Finally, the event I am most excited too see at Dreamhack Austin 2018. Making their way to the stage will be none other than PUBG Legends Dr DisRespect and Shroud! Visitors to the event will be able to challenge the pair and compete against them on stage on Friday in the PUBG Duos Showdown. How freaking awesome is this?! These two are legends in the streaming world and the PUBG world. Personally, I've been a big fan of the Doc for quite some time and it’ll be awesome just to watch them do their thing.


There it is folks, my top 5 most anticipated events for DreamHack Austin 2018. We will be live streaming (via our Super Happy Nerd Time accounts) on Facebook, and on Twitch. Follow us on all of our social accounts, especially if you’re attending, because we will have a TON of free sh*t to give away if you track us down!

Get some!


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