Welcome to Thunderdome...


Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, we had one month of reasonable weather a year, and the other 11 months were a hellish landscape of scorched earth. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in the A/C, playing video games, reading comics, watching movies and generally geeking out.

Things changed when we got to college, where we spent a lot of time drinking, playing video games, reading comics, and watching movies... We were always hosting LAN parties playing Halo, Counterstrike, Command & Conquer, Mario Kart, etc.

We decided that we needed an outlet to unleash all of the pent-up nerdom running through our veins. So we created Super Happy Nerd Time, a place for all things nerd, gamer, collector, whatever.  After our Facebook page started to gain followers, we launched a Twitch channel where we live-stream all of the latest and retro games, and the #NerdTime Podcast, where we discuss Nerd News, music, and have a different Top 5 each week. We also bring on special guests to join in on the NSFW hilarity.

So, let's talk comics, video games, movies, collectibles & general geekiness!